Reconciling United Methodists of North Carolina

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Letters to the Church

As I reminisce about my life in the Methodist Church, my thoughts go back to 1970 at age 17 the pastor of our church was asked to leave before his appointment had finished. To me, he was a God send to our church, he was active with our teens and had a singing voice from heaven. I could not understand how a few people in the church could not see the good in him. Thirty years later, I am not welcomed in the Methodist Church because I am a gay male. For 20 years I attended the same Methodist Church. My family was very active in the church. For me, MYF was the highlight of my week. I knew at an early age there was something different about me. I was taught boys liked girls but it didn't work that way for me. I dated girls in high school and got married. I have two wonderful children and one grandchild. After ten years of marriage, we divorced. Three years later, I met my new partner for life. We have been together for ten years. I feel like I am living the life my God created for me and I am truly happy. For the past four years we have attended and Joined a Methodist church in Durham. I am on the Administrative Board, sing in the choir and co-chair our homeless program. I do not share my life with everyone but many members know I am gay and love me for being, me.

A fellow Methodist