Reconciling United Methodists of North Carolina

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Next Steps

Pastor Elizabeth Roberts of Fairmont UMC has been working with other area clergy responding to the General Conference decision. See her letter below.

We need your help. There is a movement building to build a fully inclusive future for the United Methodist Church that is erupting all over the US and we want to build a coalition here in the North Carolina Conference and to call others to this sacred witness for inclusion and love. 

Would you be willing to be part of this? 

Our first step is a simple call to action. Would you be willing to sign this letter: Sacred Witness NC: A Call of Action for a Fully Inclusive United Methodist Church

Secondly: We are planning on a public action to deliver these signatures to Bishop Ward on Thursday March 28th at 7pm at the Conference Office in Garner. We hope to have at least 500 people present. Would you commit to being there? and bringing folks from your congregation? And spreading the word? The Bishop will address the crowd and we will specifically ask her to support our coalition. 

Third: Would you spread the word. Like and share our Facebook page: SacredWitnessNC

The letter will also be available on the Facebook page and we’ll be updating it regularly. 

Fourth: We will have a meeting of pastors and leaders to plan next steps on Thursday March 21st at 2pm at City Well in Durham. 

We realize that everyone will have different levels of comfort and availability but we hope you’ll get involved. This is truly a fight for the future of the UMC. 

As we move forward our hope is to link up with coalitions similar to ours in different conferences to form a national alliance. 

We hope you can join us.

Bishops Avoid Extremes in Unity Discussions

Council of Bishops President Bruce Ough
Council of Bishops President Bruce Ough delivers a sermon at a Council of Bishops special meeting. Photo by Maidstone Mulenga.

by Cynthia B. Astle
February 27, 2018

For now, it appears that the Council of Bishops is focusing its unity discussions on the “contextualization” version of three models submitted to it by the Commission on a Way Forward: remove language declaring homosexual practice “incompatible” with Christian teaching from the Book of Discipline.

The other two options – an “accountability” model that would retain the “incompatible” language and strengthen enforcement for violations, and the creation of theologically diverse branches under a single authority – hadn’t been discussed in detail through the afternoon of Feb. 27, according to retired Bishop William B. Lewis.

The Council of Bishops met behind closed doors Feb. 25-28 in Dallas to discuss the Way Forward models in preparation for deciding in May which version to forward for the 2019 General Conference. The deadline to submit legislation is July 8.

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